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Guyana, known as “land of many waters”, is located on the Northern Coast of South America and is geographically linked to the Great Amazon River Basin.

As a result, three quarters of its eighty-three thousand (83000) square miles is covered with dense tropical rain forest, most of which is located along the upper Mazaruni region, which forms part of the highland regions of the country.

Within this region can be found the majestic Kaiteur Falls, which is the world’s tallest single drop waterfall. Viewers have expressed disbelief at the remarkable sight. Its estimated height is seven hundred and forty-one feet.

Guyana’s neighbouring countries are Brazil, Venezuela and Suriname.

The country’s population averages approximately seven hundred and sixty-five thousand (765,000) and  comprise six different races -  East Indians, Africans, Portuguese, Amerindians, Chinese and Europeans, the majority of whom are very religious. This accounts for the numerous churches, temples and mosques that are found throughout the country.

Guyana export large quantities of bauxite, rice, sugar and lumber.

The official currency of the country is the Guyana Dollar.

Guyana is a tropical country. It is hot, humid and moderated by Northeast Trade Winds. The mean temperature is 27.5 degrees Celsius.

The temperature of the coastland ranges from twenty (20) degrees Celsius to thirty-four (34) degrees Celsius.

Within the South American region, Guyana is the only English speaking nation. The official language is English but some amount of “Creolese” is spoken among most of the six races.


Georgetown,  the capital of Guyana is located approximately twenty-six miles from the country’s main airport- the Cheddi Bharat Jagan International.

With a population of about two hundred thousand, Georgetown (commonly referred to as the “Garden City”), is unique in that it consists of several shady avenues and walkways. There are dozens of tall trees which outline the streets and parapets creating a “garden” effect.

In addition, there are two Gardens within Georgetown: The Botanic Gardens, which consists of a variety of plant species and animals which can be found throughout the country and the  Promenade Gardens, which  is known for its beautiful array of flowers and plants of varying descriptions. Overlooking the Promenade Gardens is the Head Office of the Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd.

Given the fact that Georgetown lies about eight (8) feet below sea level,  there is a wall approximately four feet high which runs along the northern boundary of the town. This unique structure was built by the Dutch over a century ago to keep the Atlantic Ocean from eroding the land.

In the heart of Georgetown you can also find one of the world’s tallest wooden buildings-The
St George’s Cathedral which was officially opened in 1893.

Georgetown also has a very active night- life with numerous clubs around the City.

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