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Republic Bank was recently alerted by the Bank’s monitoring systems to unusual Visa OneCard activity at some global online merchants. Based on the reports received, the Bank took immediate steps to:
(1) Contact and alert customers whose Visa OneCards may have been compromised and their accounts debited. Where necessary, will request customers to cancel and replace compromised cards.
(2) Block related sites to minimise the possibility of further fraudulent attempts.

As an interim measure Republic Bank is restricting card transactions on sites that do not send the CVV2 data in the transaction authorization request. This will impact all related transactions and require persons attempting legitimate transactions to contact Customer Support on 227-4RBL (227-4725) to temporarily unblock their card for use on these sites.

All fraudulent transactions will be reversed. In cases where there is adequate evidence, the account will be reimbursed immediately.

Updated: October 1, 2021

Our new local toll-free number for Customer Support is: 227-4RBL or 227-4725
Please use this number to enquire, should you experience restrictions using your Republic Visa OneCard.
Do remember to remain vigilant in monitoring your account activity through your statements of account, Internet Banking.

Updated: 9th October, 2019.

Additional security measures were implemented to minimize recurrence of fraudulent activity using the Republic Visa OneCard. As a result, some persons continue to experience interruptions in service. Should you experience difficulty when attempting an online transaction using your Republic Visa OneCard, please call the following numbers for assistance.
1-800-271-4725 or 1-868-625-1200
Efforts are being made to obtain a toll free number in the shortest possible time frame.

If you suspect fraudulent activity, you are encouraged to visit the nearest Republic Bank Branch to confirm and validate transactions to your accounts.
Please note you can also apply for our Republic Visa TravelMoney Card at any of our Branches. This is a pre-paid, reloadable card that can be used locally, and abroad. This Card works like a credit card but without the fees and credit checks. Additionally, you can load the card with just enough as you would like to spend. Kindly visit our website for more information.

Updated: 18th June, 2019

Republic Bank has confirmed that some of its customers have been impacted by recent fraudulent activity on its Visa International Debit Cards.

Through its robust monitoring systems, the Bank was able to quickly identify cases where customers’ cards were compromised and was able to effectively minimise the risk to other customers.

The Bank is taking the necessary steps to regularise all affected accounts using a well-defined, standard process, focussed on reducing customer inconvenience. The Bank regrets the inconvenience to its customers and advises that impacted customers will be asked to confirm and validate their transactions to assist with this process.

Republic Bank has advised that in the interim, additional security measures have been put in place to reduce further impact, and as a result, some customers may experience interruptions in service levels.

The Bank will continue to ensure that the most up-to-date security is available through all of its channels toward the financial safety of the banking public. The Bank also takes this opportunity to remind customers of the need to be vigilant when using their debit cards and monitoring their account activity.

May 15, 2019


Republic Bank follows existing standard global practices for disputed international debit card transactions. The completion of this process is contingent upon the customers’ completion of relevant forms to initiate the claim.

In terms of the recent incident, we have put special measures in place to expedite the process and this is progressing.

June 4, 2021
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