SME Loans and Overdrafts

  • Target Group – Small and Medium Enterprise clients
  • Range – Loans and Overdrafts below GYD$25M

The SME Loan can be accessed for:

  • Working capital financing
  • Purchase of fixed assets such as land
  • Purchase of current assets such as stock, machinery, equipment, vehicles etc.

Repayable by monthly or *periodic installments of principal and interest on the reducing balance.
*dependent on the type of industry

The SME Overdraft can be accessed for working capital requirements. Subject to an annual review.

  • Rates are dependent on the industry type and collateral offered.
  • Application Fee:
    • Up to GYD$5M – GYD$4,500
    • Over GYD$5M – GYD$7,500
What you will need

Before visiting our branches, ensure you have the following documents:

New to Republic Bank?

One form of Valid Identification
Recent Utility Bill
Proof of Address
TIN Certificate
Statement of Income
Business Registration
Quotation/Price List/Agreement of Sale/Letter of Intent

Existing Republic Bank customer

One form of Valid Identification
Statement of Income
Business Registration

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