Lusignan Golf Club Inked Lucrative Kids Golf Sponsorship Deal With Republic Bank Guyana Limited

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Golf has a bright future in Guyana…This was the sentiment echoed throughout Tuesday morning’s media launch of the inaugural Republic Bank Junior Golf Clinic and Competition at the Lusignan Golf Club (LGC).

The program began with welcoming remarks and introductions by Mr. Chetwynd Bowling, Secretary of the LGC. This was followed by an overview of the events by Mr. Patanjilee Persaud, President of the LGC, who began by thanking the sponsor for their generosity. Mr. Persaud briefed the gathering on the origins of the LGC kids outreach which began several years ago and was pushed anew in the last two years. He thanked various members of his team including Pope Emanuel London and Mr. Paton George who along with Mr. Chetwynd Bowling were the drivers behind the kids’ golf events the past two years. Mr. Persaud went on to expound on the far-reaching benefits this partnership is likely to have on kids across Guyana. This partnership between the Lusignan Golf Club and Republic Bank Ltd. is likely to propel golf in the months and years ahead as a major sport and recreational pastime accessible to all.

Mr. Persaud closed by thanking the members of the LGC for their support in making this possible and introduced Mr. Stephen Grell, Managing Director of Republic Bank (Guyana) Ltd. to give the Sponsor’s Remarks – “It’s certainly my pleasure to be part of this very important occasion where we launch the inaugural Republic Bank Junior Golf Clinic and Competition. As an avid golfer, myself, to have Republic Bank contribute to growing the game of golf carries extra meaning.

Mr. Grell in his delivery highlighted the Bank’s focus on investing in communities and providing avenues for the nation’s youth to be involved in meaningful activities that create an appreciation for sport as well as all the spin off benefits of discipline and social aptitude. He noted that this clinic and competition, Republic Bank Junior Golf is now part of the Bank’s social investment programme, the Power to Make A Difference, the Bank’s commitment to youth empowerment through sport with the importance of providing Guyana’s youth with the opportunity to participate in a sport that promotes integrity, tenacity and determination. Mr. Grell also emphasized the parallels of playing golf and life where the sport offers humbling tutelage if one hits a bad shot but must press forward and likewise in life, there’s a need to develop the ability to rebound from adversity for success.

The event concluded after the ceremonial handover of the Sponsor check and the signing of the agreement between the parties. This was followed by photo ops with representatives of RBGL, LGC and a few of the children who will take part in the August golf camp and competition.

Closing remarks were then given by Mr. Paton George, PRO of the Lusignan Golf Club – Mr. George echoed the Sponsor’s statement that golf develops a person’s adversity quotient and gave a few examples of the positive impact the game of golf is likely to have on our youths, particularly the value of fair play.

Mr. George concluded his remarks by inviting the public to register their kids for this very special opportunity.

Schedule of Competition:
Drive, Chip and Putt will be conducted in four stages:

Berbice Qualifying:
Venue: Belladrum Community Center
Date: 12th to 15th August, 2023

Linden Qualifying:
Venue: Linden community center ground.
Date: 19th to 22nd August, 2023

Region 4/East Coast Qualifying:
Area: Region 4
Venue: Lusignan Golf Club
Date: 19th to 22nd August 2023

National Finals: To be conducted
Date: 23rd August, 2023
Venue: Lusignan Golf Club, E.C.D.

To Register: Contact the Lusignan Golf Club Manager at 592-220-5660

August 10, 2023
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