Using The Power


Built on the four pillars the Power to Care, the Power to Help, the Power to Learn and the Power to Succeed, Power to Make a Difference has succeeded, because it has and continues to give Republic Bank an earnest opportunity to embrace the communities in fellowship, and to drive the cause of social investment forward into 21st Century.

Youth Development through Education and Culture is channelled by the Power to Learn; Business Development and Sport through the Power to Succeed; Poverty Alleviation and assistance to the socially marginalised comes under the Power to Help; with Healthcare, care for the Elderly and the needs of the Differently able represented by the Power to Care.

The Bank has supported the following projects over the years:
  1. Promenade Gardens Maintenance
  2. Theatre Guild Corporate Sponsorship
  3. Community Based Rehabilitation Programme transportation project
  4. St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Rebuilding Project
  1. University of Guyana Scholarship
  2. University Library Business Journals Subscription
  3. University of Guyana Awards
  4. Ministry of Education Academic Achievement  Awards
  5. Career Coach
  6. National Drawing Competition
  7. Youth Link Apprenticeship Programme
  8. Republic Bank Mashramani Panorama Steel Band Competition
  9. Step by Step School for Autistic Children
  10. Republic Bank RightStart Pan Minors Music Literacy Programme
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